Wednesday, September 23, 2009

QT Heals Scoliosis of 40 Yrs

K. travelled from Tokyo to Shanghai where I was invited to run a QT workshop.
After the first lesson, it was practice time. We asked for students to volunteer as client and therapist.
K. asked to be worked on and showed us her spine, which was curved. She was diagnosed with Scoliosis 40 years ago.
During the first practice, four students worked on her spine and there were comments like "I feel vibrations" "Is her spine moving?" And K. was saying that she felt movements in her spine and vibrations were running down her arms.
After 20 minutes, I told the students to stop and K. stood up and exclaimed that her spine felt straight and we all noticed that she was taller.
YES K. was healed of her Scoliosis of 40 years, in just 20 minutes.

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