Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Free Therapy Centre

Please note that Bethany Free Therapy Centre has moved to:
601 Upper Changi Road, Unit 601 Apollo Garden,Singapore 487013
We operate every Wednesday from 10am to 11.30am
Everyone is welcome.
Come just to experience the feel of your own energy flowing through you.
Bring along a friend who is ill - we treat all ailments from toothaches to cancer
We have moved because originally we were in a church which housed a kindergarten on the same level and because of the H1N1 virus, we felt the responsible action was to move out so that strangers would not have to pass by the classrooms, thus putting the little children at a health risk

An accolade from Quantum-Touch USA

I received an email on Monday from QT USA telling me that I am of the top 40 instructors worldwide to bring the most number of new students into the Quantum-Touch family.
Yes my zest, zeal and love for this wonderful modality has been the driving force behind my success.
When you have to teach something which is good, pure and true, there is no holding back.
This accolade only serves to push me further into spreading Quantum-Touch to as many people and countries.
My journey is getting more and more exciting:
In October I have been invited to teach in Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai

QT and Reiki

Reiki is a wonderful healing modality and when put together with Quantum-touch it is awesome.
I was blessed to be invited to Langkawi to run a QT workshop for 16 Reiki Masters and Practitioners.
The experience felt by all of them was fantastic.
They confirm that when you put Qt with Reiki their treatments are enhanced immeasurably.
Some comments by the participants with Reiki who learnt Quantum-Touch
Prolong this amazing experience
QT is fantastic, being a Reiki practitioner, never realised that I can experience any other modality than Reiki. I am so blessed to be able to learn QT and use it to compement my Reiki-it is so wonderful
It was an extraordinary experience, love was everywhere. Thank you so much for doing it in Langkawi
When I learnt Reiki, I thought that was it. NO it wasn't, along came QT

QT Heals Scoliosis of 40 Yrs

K. travelled from Tokyo to Shanghai where I was invited to run a QT workshop.
After the first lesson, it was practice time. We asked for students to volunteer as client and therapist.
K. asked to be worked on and showed us her spine, which was curved. She was diagnosed with Scoliosis 40 years ago.
During the first practice, four students worked on her spine and there were comments like "I feel vibrations" "Is her spine moving?" And K. was saying that she felt movements in her spine and vibrations were running down her arms.
After 20 minutes, I told the students to stop and K. stood up and exclaimed that her spine felt straight and we all noticed that she was taller.
YES K. was healed of her Scoliosis of 40 years, in just 20 minutes.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Students being very focused in a QT workshop

Group healing session with the students practising
vortexing the energy

Students using the 'patty cake' method

Group session with students using the 'patty
cake' method and using the amplified resonance

Students doing a Quantum-Touch session while
spinning their chakras

Students doing distance healing

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quantum-Touch Distance Healing

Does distance healing work????
Yes it does - ask one of my students from my latest workshop.
we distanced Mabel and Mary (who were not physically in the workshop) and the next day the student who asked for them to be distanced reported that both Mabel and Mary felt relief at the time we were distancing.
Yes we can healing to a distance, whether just next door or in another country because vibrations travel, no wall time or space can stop it.
It is real, it really works.
I'm so looking forward to my next workshop.
How blessed am I - to be able to do something that I truly love - TEACHING QUANTUM-TOUCH TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE.

Monday, July 6, 2009


What a weekend!
Another Quantum-Touch workshop another exciting time was had by all.
The students were so open to learning the breathing techniques, focus, body awareness and the amplification of the universal life force energy (qi).
We experienced another first -
During the first practice session, we witnessed that the students being worked on, moved and swayed involuntarily, even heads were moving in slow motion, gently moving.
I was told that we could call this 'unwinding', this happens when the student has not experienced energy work before and as the cells in their bodies are resonating at such a high level, due to the other student doing the work so well and raising the vibrations to such a high level, that the energy moves within the body, thus clearing blockages resulting in swaying movements.
How wonderful is Quantum-Touch? Truly truly a beautiful healing modality.
I am so looking forward to running my next workshop and really hope I can do it sooner rather than later.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Really looking forward to this weekend, when I will run yet another Quantum-touch workshop.
I really enjoy running these workshops as it enables me teach this wonderful healing modality to many people and at the same time make new friends.
I find that folks that sign up for the workshops are like-minded and we have so much to share.
A lot of them come with knowing other modalities and we all have so much in common that the rapport is instantaneous.
Check out and read all about the goodness of Quantum-touch.
Call me at 96818849 or email me at

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hi there, my next Quantum-Touch workshop is planned for Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th July 2009.
I'm so thrilled that I have some very qualified physiotherapists attending the workshop.
Come and participate in this workshop, its a great way to spend the weekend.
I teach you breathing techniques, focus and the amplification of the universal life force energy.
In two days you will be able to do the work.
Swellings shrink
Bones move back to position
Headaches/migraines are eradicated
It works on depression
It is great just to re-energize yourself
Help children to focus
We even do a wine and coke experiment, and you will change the molecular structure of the fluid in 5 minutes. If you can bring about such a change in 5 minutes on fluid, imagine the good you will be able to do, when you spend 20 minutes on members of your families and your friends.
This does not work on muscles, tendons and ligaments NO NO QT works at a cellular level.
call me email me sms me to ask me more about Quantum-Touch

QT helped me climb Mt Kinabalu

An MRI confirmed that I had slipped disc of L4/L5 and the docs suggested an operation.
Yvonne came back from having learnt Quantum Touch in Brisbane and offered to do a session.
Well she spent an hour, 'running energy' down my spine. She was doing some breathing techniques and being very focused.
After the session, I managed to bend and touch my toes, NO MORE PAIN!
A year after that one treatment I climbed Mt Kinabalu with my colleagues.
Quantum-Touch WORKS!!! Believe it!!!